Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Inside Story of a Singaporean Social Escort

Ever since the arrest of the Singaporean underage social escort, I have been fascinated by what would motivate a Singapore girl to join the escort industry.  My chance to satisfy my curiosity came when a mutual friend introduced me to a girl that works as a freelance escort.
Me: How long have you been in this trade?
Nanete: I started six months ago, so I am relatively new to the trade.

Me: What made you get into this trade?
Nanete: Well, I was actually a kept woman for about 8 years until my sugar daddy decided to "trade me in" for a sweet young thing.  To be honest, escorting is something I never considered doing but I got into debt and this is the fastest way to earn money.  Now that I started, I regret not staring earlier.

Me: What do you mean by start earlier?
Nanete: While I always knew that the escort trade was lucrative, I was however always concerned about what people will think of me.  However, when you have debts and no way to pay them, who cares what people think of you.  I am not young anymore.  I just turned 27 and by escort standards, that is considered old. Most men find it more exciting to party with girls in their late teens or early twenties.  While I can still command a booking fee of $400, bookings are relatively slower for escorts of my age.  On average I serve 3 clients a day, but I believe if I was younger, I could serve as many as 6.

Me: Wow! 3 bookings a day at $400, that is $1,200 a day.  Not bad.
Nanete: Yes, it is.  But I don't get everything.  My agent gets a cut.  Even after that, the money is still good.  That is why I said I regret not starting earlier.

Me: I see.  How much does the agent take?
Nanete: I think it is best not to reveal that as it is sort of an industry "secret".

Me: Okay.  I understand.
Nanete: I always hear Singaporeans complain that there are no good jobs. But there are. Just like this job.  It is there if the Singaporean wants the work.  But they don't.  And all the foreigners earn the money.  To me, as long as you are a good time girl, you are paid to party.

Nanete: To be honest it is not a difficult job.  You will be surprised that it is not like the porn movies you see.  I spend most of my time talking to my clients.  Just like in the movies, guys come to me not so much for the sex, but for the experience of being appreciated and for someone to share their troubles with.  So in a sense, I am a counselor. *big laugh*

Me: Many people oppose the escort trade as they believe girls are being forced into prostitution. Is this true?
Nanete: *laughs* If you say forced as in by circumstances, I would agree with you.  However if you say forced like with the threat of violence, I would disagree.  Especially in Singapore, if a girl were forced, she can easily escape and make a police report. Unlike other countries where the police can be in cahoots with the pimps, it is not so here.

Nanete: If you ask me, most girls become freelance escorts by choice.  It is a great life.  For 3 to 4 hours of "work" a day, I earn as much as $1,200.  Where else can you earn that kind of money.  In fact, many of the PRC escorts I know, do this for 2 or 3 years.  In that time, they save up enough to buy properties in China and become landlords.

Me: Is that your plan too?
Nanete: Eventually.  Right now I have debts to pay.  Once that is cleared, I will start building my nest egg for the future.  I can't be an escort forever.  Who knows? I may even open and run my own escort agency when I get too old. *pretends to cry*

Me: One last question if you don't mind.  It appears from what you are telling me, is that social escorts are shrewd people.  They enter the trade to earn money and then use it to set themselves up for a better life.
Nanete: I think you can say that.  As an escort, you see the ugly side of life.  In the end, you make use of whatever talent you have to either earn a living or to build a better life for your loved ones.  In that sense, escorts are merely using their talents (their looks and their bodies).  I like to think that this is no different from a construction worker who also uses his body to earn a living.

Me: That is insightful.  *smile*
Nanete: See?  Escorts are smart people. *big laugh*


  1. $1,200 a day? I also want! lol

    1. If you have what it takes, our client is hiring. Look at our earlier post.

  2. Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.