Monday, 23 December 2013

Visit our A-List of Freelance Social Escorts Working in Singapore

To help users navigate our site to the best escorts available, users can go to the Site Index and click on the label A-List ESCORTS. Being tagged as an A-List ESCORT on SG Good Time Girls means that one of our partners has personally met with the freelancer and she is who she says she is.

Bros who book these social escorts can rest assured that what they see is what they get, and that the numbers have been verified to be correct.

Admin, SG Good Time Girls

20 yo Student Freelancing as a Social Escort

Hi Guys,
My Name is Chanel, 20years of age currently taking a degree course in SIngapore. 
Attached is my pic taken recently while i was in a local hotel. The photo is genuinely of me so have no worries. CALL/SMS me at 8524 1636.

I do outcalls only. 

Korean Escort in Singapore (Freelance)

Name: Kim
From: Korea
Age: 22
Hot Body with 36D Cup Boobs and Pink Tits!
Contact: 8433 6077 (SMS please)

Friday, 20 December 2013

Why Singapore Men Prefer Freelance Escorts ...

The main attractions of hiring a freelance escort in Singapore is the pursuit of the girlfriend experience (GFE). For guys that like to party, unlike KTV girls or licensed prostitutes, freelancers are able and willing to spend time with the client outside their workplaces. It is therefore not uncommon for freelance escorts to play the role of a girlfriend and accompany the client on shopping trips, movie viewing or simply having quiet dinners. All this adds to the thrill of having sex with them, as the time spent together makes the guy feel like they are making love to their "girlfriend." It is precisely the offering of this GFE that demand for freelance escorts or good time girls in Singapore will remain high.

How Social Escort Agencies in Singapore Operate

Social Escort agencies in Singapore operate along a fine line. There is a demand for agency services as Singaporean ladies working as escorts need a "middle-man." This is because many are doing it on a freelance basis and need someone to advertise their services, screen clients and ensure their safety. On the other hand, it is against the law for a third party to promote sexual services and to "live off the earning of a prostitute."

To stay within the law, Singapore escort agencies "only collect payment for the time and companionship" of the escorts they provide. Anything that happens beyond that, happens without the consent or fore-knowledge of the agency and is the individual choice and preference between two consenting adults of legal age. Such choices and preferences are not contracted for, nor can they be requested to be contracted for, in any manner.

So if you are in Singapore and are looking for the company of an escort, please be aware of the legal issues and constrains escort agencies in Singapore operate under.


Singaporean Sweet Young Thing Freelancing as a Social Escort to Pay Bills

Name: Vivian L
From: Singapore
Contact: < deleted >
Remarks: SMS only for initial contact.  Very discreet.

Important Notice
We are providing an escort service.
Any form of payment or contributions is for time and companionship only.
Anything beyond this, that may or may not occur, happens with regard to individual choice and preference between two consenting adults of legal age.
Such choices and preferences are not contracted for, nor are requested to be contracted for, in any manner.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

SG Good Time Girls Supports @ProjectX_SG

SG Good Time Girls is an online platform that connects men looking for independent social escorts in Singapore. As a platform, we recognize the rights of the escorts to work in their chosen profession in a safe environment.

The owners of this site, therefore supports ProjectX_SG, which is an initiative that advocates and works for sex worker's rights in Singapore.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Vietnamese Freelance Escort in Singapore ... Angela

Hey! Handsome,

My name is Angela, and I a 25 yr old attractive girl from Vietnam. I have a slim and firm body with nice womanly curves to pleasure you.  34C-24-36.
I provide escort services for upscale gentlemen any time of day or night. I would love to stay with you overnight if that's what you want. I want you to be pleased with my service and to know that I care!

Hygiene, cleanliness, protection and prevention are very important to me, so regular health checks with my doctor is a must for me.

If you want a good time in Singapore, call me at 8110 0401.   No private number or blocked calls please.  You can show your number.  I'm a discreet person who will keep your secret because I also have secrets to keep too.


Tell her you saw her profile on SG Good Time Girls

Monday, 16 December 2013

Serina Wee - Singapore's Hottest MILF in 2013

In our opinion, Serina Wee is THE hottest MILF in Singapore for 2013.  We can't wait to see more of her when the City Harvest trial resume.

In the mean time if any bros have pictures of her, do share the links with us ....  

More Leaked Nude Photos of Singapore FHM Models - Adeline

Another series of leaked sex photos of a Singapore FHM model.  This time it is of Adeline.  Adeline was a grand finalists of the FHM Girl Next Door Contest 2007.  What's with all these Singapore girls?

Click here for the full series of nude pictures.  This was our favorite of the lot.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hot Cutie Asian American Leaked Nude Photos

Wow! Great series from Singapore Hall of Shame - a super hot cutie Asian American who likes to play with camera.

Getting a Massage in Singapore - a happy-ending?

Getting a massage in Singapore after a long day's work is a pleasant reward for anyone.  If you are on a business trip in Singapore and you find yourself after needing some relaxation, a good source for referrals are online sites like this or The New Paper.

The New Paper is a local tabloid and included in its classified section is a slew of advertisements for massage parlors.  The question then is what sort of massage do you want?  When I ask that question, I am not asking whether you want a Swedish, a Thai or even a Shiatsu.  What I mean is whether you seek a happy-ending.

If you wish for the proper type, then opt for one in your local hotel, or those larger spas in Singapore.  If you however need the release, then look closely at the ads in The New Paper.  There is an unwritten rule that massage parlors that offer happy-endings, usually indirectly advertise this by saying that all rooms come with an attached bathroom.  Additionally, if there is a picture of a lady in the ad, look for those that are wearing a skirt.  If the lady in the ad is wearing pants, then this is an indication that they do not offer the service that you seek.

Just like in any country, sex in Singapore for the business traveler is easy to find if you know where.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Sarong Party Girls? Forget them if you are Singaporean ...

Sarong Party Girl (or SPG) is a derogatory term used in Singapore.  It describes a Singaporean girl (usually Chinese) who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates white men.  The stereotype was popularised by a series of humorous books in the 1990s offering a satirical portrayal of the SPG and related aspects of Singaporean culture.

The term has its roots in the 1940s and 1950s when Singapore was ruled by the British. As a general practice, personnel from the British forces did not socialise with the locals.  On occasion, specific local lady "guests" were invited to these social functions. The sarong was a wrap-around skirt popular among women of the time and the term 'Sarong Party' came into use to describe functions.  Over time, the wild parties with easy women became associated with the term and SPG assumed a more derogatory meaning.

To the Singapore men keen on the SPGs, I say to hell with them.  If they don't want us, we have the many PRC Escorts that can party with us.  The PRCs are not only cheaper to maintain, but come with no obligations.  And from what I know, can out-perform any of the SPGs where it matters most - in bed.

Adult Jokes

One day this girl, who is wearing a skirt, goes out to play with her friends.
She goes to the park and meets a boy. They talk about climbing trees.
The boy says to the girl: “Go on climb that tree.”
The girls climbs up and the boy just stands there and looks up to the girls panties.

After a while the girl goes home and tells her mum about what happened.
Her mum says: “oh my stupid girl he just stood there and watched your panties.”

The next day she went out again with her skirt on and met THAT boy again.
He told her to climb again and she did.
when she got home she tells her mum what happened again and her mum says: “My stupid girl he just stood there and watched your panties.”
The girl replied and said: “No actually I tricked him, this time i did not wear any panties!”

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Definition of a Good Time Girl

good time girl - a euphemism used to describe a 1. tart, slut; or 2. sex worker, call-girl, prostitute.  Generally, a woman who is in search of cheap (and if possible zero cost) fun.  Particularly featuring easy and good sex and very interested in the financial generosity of guys.  Good time girls are found everywhere and Singapore is not short of them.  To find them, sites like this are ideal.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Inside Story of a Singaporean Social Escort

Ever since the arrest of the Singaporean underage social escort, I have been fascinated by what would motivate a Singapore girl to join the escort industry.  My chance to satisfy my curiosity came when a mutual friend introduced me to a girl that works as a freelance escort.
Me: How long have you been in this trade?
Nanete: I started six months ago, so I am relatively new to the trade.

Me: What made you get into this trade?
Nanete: Well, I was actually a kept woman for about 8 years until my sugar daddy decided to "trade me in" for a sweet young thing.  To be honest, escorting is something I never considered doing but I got into debt and this is the fastest way to earn money.  Now that I started, I regret not staring earlier.

Me: What do you mean by start earlier?
Nanete: While I always knew that the escort trade was lucrative, I was however always concerned about what people will think of me.  However, when you have debts and no way to pay them, who cares what people think of you.  I am not young anymore.  I just turned 27 and by escort standards, that is considered old. Most men find it more exciting to party with girls in their late teens or early twenties.  While I can still command a booking fee of $400, bookings are relatively slower for escorts of my age.  On average I serve 3 clients a day, but I believe if I was younger, I could serve as many as 6.

Me: Wow! 3 bookings a day at $400, that is $1,200 a day.  Not bad.
Nanete: Yes, it is.  But I don't get everything.  My agent gets a cut.  Even after that, the money is still good.  That is why I said I regret not starting earlier.

Me: I see.  How much does the agent take?
Nanete: I think it is best not to reveal that as it is sort of an industry "secret".

Me: Okay.  I understand.
Nanete: I always hear Singaporeans complain that there are no good jobs. But there are. Just like this job.  It is there if the Singaporean wants the work.  But they don't.  And all the foreigners earn the money.  To me, as long as you are a good time girl, you are paid to party.

Nanete: To be honest it is not a difficult job.  You will be surprised that it is not like the porn movies you see.  I spend most of my time talking to my clients.  Just like in the movies, guys come to me not so much for the sex, but for the experience of being appreciated and for someone to share their troubles with.  So in a sense, I am a counselor. *big laugh*

Me: Many people oppose the escort trade as they believe girls are being forced into prostitution. Is this true?
Nanete: *laughs* If you say forced as in by circumstances, I would agree with you.  However if you say forced like with the threat of violence, I would disagree.  Especially in Singapore, if a girl were forced, she can easily escape and make a police report. Unlike other countries where the police can be in cahoots with the pimps, it is not so here.

Nanete: If you ask me, most girls become freelance escorts by choice.  It is a great life.  For 3 to 4 hours of "work" a day, I earn as much as $1,200.  Where else can you earn that kind of money.  In fact, many of the PRC escorts I know, do this for 2 or 3 years.  In that time, they save up enough to buy properties in China and become landlords.

Me: Is that your plan too?
Nanete: Eventually.  Right now I have debts to pay.  Once that is cleared, I will start building my nest egg for the future.  I can't be an escort forever.  Who knows? I may even open and run my own escort agency when I get too old. *pretends to cry*

Me: One last question if you don't mind.  It appears from what you are telling me, is that social escorts are shrewd people.  They enter the trade to earn money and then use it to set themselves up for a better life.
Nanete: I think you can say that.  As an escort, you see the ugly side of life.  In the end, you make use of whatever talent you have to either earn a living or to build a better life for your loved ones.  In that sense, escorts are merely using their talents (their looks and their bodies).  I like to think that this is no different from a construction worker who also uses his body to earn a living.

Me: That is insightful.  *smile*
Nanete: See?  Escorts are smart people. *big laugh*

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Popular Singaporean Social Escort (Freelance)

Name: Natalie
From: Singapore
Contact: <we have been asked to remove her number>

1. Guaranteed great Girlfriend Experience
2. SMS only to arrange. Be patient for a response as she needs to be discreet.

Petite sized, fun-loving girl who can also hold a great conversation.  Perfect for those that are looking for the GFE (girlfriend experience)