Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Getting a Massage in Singapore - a happy-ending?

Getting a massage in Singapore after a long day's work is a pleasant reward for anyone.  If you are on a business trip in Singapore and you find yourself after needing some relaxation, a good source for referrals are online sites like this or The New Paper.

The New Paper is a local tabloid and included in its classified section is a slew of advertisements for massage parlors.  The question then is what sort of massage do you want?  When I ask that question, I am not asking whether you want a Swedish, a Thai or even a Shiatsu.  What I mean is whether you seek a happy-ending.

If you wish for the proper type, then opt for one in your local hotel, or those larger spas in Singapore.  If you however need the release, then look closely at the ads in The New Paper.  There is an unwritten rule that massage parlors that offer happy-endings, usually indirectly advertise this by saying that all rooms come with an attached bathroom.  Additionally, if there is a picture of a lady in the ad, look for those that are wearing a skirt.  If the lady in the ad is wearing pants, then this is an indication that they do not offer the service that you seek.

Just like in any country, sex in Singapore for the business traveler is easy to find if you know where.

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