Sunday, 28 December 2014

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Singapore Politics: Singaporean calls Sylvia Lim a liar and challenges her to sue him

Open Letter to Ms Sylvia Lim: You are a Liar and I Challenge you to Sue Me ....

Worker's party scandal sylvia lim AHPETC

In the letter, the writer highlighted 2 clear instances in which public records contradict what Ms Sylvia Lim and her team has been saying about the delay in submitting their arrears records to the Ministry of National Development.
Lie #1: "Minister Wong may have not known that the TC had explained to MND its challenge in submitting arrears data in MND’s format from mid-2013.  I had explained that while the IT system being used at AHPETC could churn out arrears reports, manual counting and sorting was required to get the information into the format required by the MND."
Fact: Hougang Town Council and AHPETC had been submitting the S&CC arrears data in MND's required format since they took over the town councils. It was only after close to one and a half-years that AHPETC suddenly decided to stop submitting the data (April 2013).
Lie #2: "MND had been informed that AHPETC’s Finance Team and its software developers had been involved in (two consecutive) audits, first by the TC’s own auditors (commencing mid 2013) and then by the Auditor-General (commencing March 2014), and that this had led to a deferment of reporting requests, including MND’s request for arrears data in its prescribed format.  I had concurrently offered to submit to MND the arrears data the TC had as it was, but this was rejected by MND."
Fact: The Auditor-General's audit commenced only in March 2014. AHPETC had stopped submitting their arrears report to MND from April 2013. How could an audit that took place 11 months after the fact cause a delay.
Ms Sylvia Lim, I am calling you a liar and I challenge you to sue me if you are not!