Friday, 29 November 2013

Singapore FHM Model Jamie Ang Leaked Sex Photos

I know we are late to the party, but some of our fans have asked us where they can find Jamie's sex photos ....

This is our favorite.  You can see the rest at Gutter Uncensored.

Social Escort Scene in Singapore: Licensed vs Freelance

In Singapore, the sex industry comprises several types of sex workers.  They are the official workers that are licensed by the government and a significant number of unlicensed workers who are either independents or who are working under agents.

The licensed prostitutes are housed in brothels located in Geylang (mainly) and are subject to stringent health screening.  Additionally, as they work in licensed brothels, there is an element of dealing with a company and getting what you pay for.  The downside being that the price is usually higher and the selection of girls limited.

This is why there is a huge market of unlicensed or freelance sex workers in Singapore.  Calling themselves freelance social escorts, these prostitutes work with either with agents or, if they are truly independent, advertise their services on websites like this (  Prices for freelancers do vary from as low as SGD80 to as high as SGD1,000 an hour but the selection is huge.  At any one time, industry players estimate that there are no less than 5,000 freelance escorts working the Singapore scene.

The question you might be asking now, is which is better.  The honest answer is it depends on what you are after.

Aside from price and selection, the main attraction to locals who use the services of freelance escorts is the illusion it offers of being in a "relationship".  Unlike their licensed counter-parts who cannot leave their brothels, freelancers come and go as they please.  So for Johns who want, or need, the emotional connection to complement the physical act of sex, freelancers offer the perfect solution.  Acting like social escorts, freelancers have been known to go on "dates" with their Johns where they have dinner, go shopping or even visit the local casinos together.  In the end, to many Johns, having satisfying sex is not just a physical act but also an emotional connection.  This is the girlfriend experience (GFE) many guys talk about.

But if you really want my opinion, in Singapore, freelance social escorts is my preference.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sex in Singapore: Why the Famous Orchard Towers is not the best choice ...

To many tourists who have the urge to be naughty in Singapore, heading over to the famous Orchard Towers is the first thing that comes to mind.  While this might seem the natural option, the more savvy tourist will instead seek out joints off the beaten path to truly enjoy the nightlife available in Singapore.

As Orchard Towers is a "tourist attraction", the "four floors of whores" is frequented mainly by tourists.  Prices you pay to have fun will therefore be tourist prices.  Additionally, given its sleazy reputation, the better escorts tend to avoid the place.

So where then should a tourist seeking pleasure go?

Our suggestion is a joint named Pub Casablanca located at 3 Dunlop Street.  This pub is a quaint little joint where many PRC freelance escorts hang-out.  Guys (both Singaporean and some savvy tourists) looking for an hour or two of sexual release can come into the pub, survey the girls over a drink and then hook-up with the one they want.  The best part is that the drinks and services of the escorts are reasonably priced.

So the next time you are in Singapore, give Orchard Towers a miss.  I guarantee you that going to local joints will be more enjoyable.

Alternatively, if the pub scene is not your cup of tea, you can always check out some of the online escort sites like or  These social escort sites are used by locals and the rates are definitely more friendly.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Ultimate Seduction Tool for Men

LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men in Singapore
Give yourself the dating edge.  Tap on the secrets of pheronomes and start attracting women with enhanced charisma at the subconscious level.

Pheromones work by sending out scents that triggers romantic feelings.  Simply spray a small amount on your body and the next time you meet your dream girl, she will not know why, but she will feel herself drawn to you.

This scientifically designed pheromone-based fragrance will provide you with the edge to score with the girl of your dreams.  

To order your own magic in a bottle (29.0ml), email our advertiser at grnbird21[a]

Price:      Usual Price SGD102.  NOW only SGD90!!!
Terms:     SGD30 Deposit via Fund Transfer before meet-up required.  Balance COD.
DeliveryMeet-up at Aljunied MRT in the evenings.
Remarks: All orders will be fulfilled within 48 hours.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Thank you for your support of SG Good Time Girls


Thank you so much for your support.  We are pleased to announce that we have for the 1st time yesterday (22 November 2013) crossed the 2,000 page views per day threshold.  This is awesome as the blog is only 1 month old.

This is great feedback that the information we provide about freelance social escorts in Singapore is what you want.  We will work harder to keep the information up to date and accurate.

In the mean time, if you have related services you wish to offer to the visitors of this site, do contact us at bluewhare88[a]  Your advertising fees will help us bring this blog to the next level.



Thursday, 21 November 2013

Check-out our A-List Escorts (Singapore)

As we are unable to verify all the escorts we share on our site, we understand that not all the freelancers' information and photos may be accurate.

To help bros better choose, we have created a new label called A-List Escorts.  Those tagged as A-List Escorts means that we have verified that their information is accurate and the pictures are of the actual girls.

Here is our latest 3 recommendations ...


New Face in Singapore. Hot PRC Freelance Escort

 Super Hot PRC Freelance Escort (Singapore)

  Hot 21 yo student looking for a good time

Party in Singapore with our Good Time Girls (Freelance Escorts)

Name: YooYoo
Contact: 9134 2215

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Social Escort Industry in Singapore - The Safest Place to be a John

Prostitution is NOT illegal in Singapore.  As such, unlike most countries where the police arrest and prosecute the Johns (together with the escorts), unless you have engaged the services of an underage prostitute (18 according to Singapore laws), the local authorities will essentially leave you alone.

This enlightened view towards the escort industry is somewhat contradictory to how Singapore is viewed by westerners.  Infamous for its strict laws on chewing gum, drugs and freedom of speech, one cannot be blamed for expecting similar harsh punishments for prostitution.  Alas, this is not the case and in a sense, Singapore is technically the best place in the world for someone looking to party without the fear of arrest.

It is therefore not surprising that there are literally hundreds of online sites offering the services of social escorts. All of these sites are registered and hosted overseas as, while the Johns and escorts are protected, it is illegal for anyone to promote the sexual services of an escort.

Referencing two of the most popular online escort sites ( and, procuring the services of an escort can be relatively cheap.  Some escorts offer their services for as low as SGD80 per pop, while there are those that offer their services for as much as SGD2,000.  At the end of the day, it is a buyer's market and the John must decide what he wants.  For a quickie, the SGD120 type will be more than enough to literally get your rocks off. However, if the John is the type that needs some emotional (albeit fake) connection, then the SGD2,000 may the the option.  Whatever your preference, there is an escort for you.

So if you are in Singapore, and you are looking for a good time, this is your chance to get lucky.  As long as you stay away from underage prostitutes, the many social escorts working in Singapore will definitely show you a good time.


P.S. If you are so inclined, please share your experiences on this blog for others to benefit.

About Us ....

The owner and administrator of this site is not affiliated to any of the escorts featured. We merely aggregate content from various sources to enable guys to conveniently connect with independent escorts in Singapore.

Friday, 15 November 2013

New Face in Singapore. Hot PRC Freelance Escort

Name: Xiao Xue
Contact: <no more in town>
Remarks: New in town.  Body of cat-walk model.

Super Hot PRC Freelance Escort (Singapore)

Contact: <No longer in Singapore>
Remarks: First time in Singapore

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Social Escorts Singapore: I am paid to party so give me a call

Name: Laura
Contact: 83354357

Hi there My name is Laura and I am a 28 Year old BBW. I am 5foot 3ins tall. I love to do things your girlfriend or wife might never do.

I believe all men have different taste in women and sex. And I'm in here for the man who wants something different. A man of distinguished taste and wants.

I have crave for a man love giving sweetness to a man....and a man's satisfaction is important for me

If you don't believe you can try me. So call me ...

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Freelance Social Escort in Singapore: Hannah

Name:  Hannah
Contact: 82592023

You want to have some fun???? Näughty Sexy Fun??? I am Hannah.  I know how to be a sweetheart but definitely have a wilder side.  You will never feel rushed with me. I am 5ft 2in and my measurements are 34-25-34, 105lbs. My skin is smooth and tight, I have no wrinkles anywhere. Hot body.  You will find I am....Sooo LOVELYYYYY................If you like my pics then take me, it will be perfect. 


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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Paid to Party Girl in Singapore: Thao

Name: Thao
Age: 26
From: Vietnam
Contact: 8452 7082

I am a 26 year Vietnamese girl with sexy body circumference 5ft6 34A-26-36.

I am available to meet you right now. I am a 100% real girl, you never need to worry about this if you choose me.

I do out calls only.

You will come back every night for more. We can be very naughty the whole night.

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Freelance Escort in Singapore: Angela

Name: Angela
Age: 25
From: Vietnam
Contact: 8110 0401

Hygiene, cleanliness, protection and prevention are very important to me. Checking my health with my Doctor is a must for me. No body wants to get sick.

Slim and firm body - 45 kg, Tall with nice womanly curves 34C-24-36 to serve you.

I'm a discreet person who will keep your secret because I also have secret to keep too.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Freelance Escorts Singapore: Hot 21 yo student looking for a good time

Name: Sanmar
From: Taiwan
Age: 21
Contact: ---- ----
Remarks: Student

Update (2 December 2013): Bros, we have just been informed that she has gone home.  Do check out the other A-List Escorts on our site)

Tell her you saw her profile on SGPIMP

Freelance Escorts Singapore: It's party time!

From: PRC
Contact: 8122 4301

Freelance Escorts Singapore: Come party with me ...

From: PRC
Contact: 8587 5091

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Freelance Escort in Singapore: Exotic Asian Girl to Pleasure You

Name: Natalie
Contact: 9059 8676

Hello I am sure you will find everything in a woman you are looking for, from my exotic looks to soft skin.

I enjoy focusing all my attention on you during your time with me! I look forward to meeting with you. I offer adult services that you will enjoy. And I enjoy too.....

Freelance Escort in Singapore: Cum share a special moment with me

Name: Crystal
Contact: 8335 4357

My name is Crystal,

I offer a real great time at your hotel or condo.I have very good figure (34B-24-34), smooth clean skin and have skills which I want you to enjoy.

I look after and care about my clients, I want you to enjoy every moment and always think of me when you need some special company.

Call me ....

Freelance Escort in Singapore: Sandy

Name: Sandy
Age: 24
Contact: 9059 8676

My name is Sandy, 24 years old -  charming very sweet & fun to be with.I love kissing and like to have fun - will treat you like my VIP Boyfriend.  Expect an independent & pretty girl with +++ factor.  Long silky black hair, a sexy hot body, 34C-26-34, 5ft 95lbs & smooth silky tan skin.Don't spend your day or evening alone, cum and ride with me. ;

Give me a call or send me an SMS ... XOXO.