Saturday, 27 September 2014

Why Singapore KTVs are the best place to party

If you are visiting Singapore and you are looking for the best place in town to party, check out one of our local KTVs. Before we go further, I must clarify that KTV in Singapore is not equal to a Karaoke bar. The latter is a place where families and friends go to sing, while the former, is a place that guys go to party.

As a married middle-aged Singaporean man, I find Singapore KTVs the best place to party. Sure pubs and clubs are fun, but depending on your luck (skill and looks), you may spend a bomb on drinks but end the evening with nothing. On the other hand, if you spend the same amount of money at a KTV you will be guaranteed to reach 2nd base. And if you click with your KTV girl and are willing to pay the price, you will get all the way to home base.

So if you are new to Singapore and want to party, check out SG KTV Girls.

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