Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ashley Madison: The dangers of free sex and why freelance social escorts are a better bet ...

Ashley Madison's recent attempt to establish an office in Singapore market was stopped via the actions of the government. While many will argue that it will make no difference as men will stray, we at SG Good Time Girls feel that it was a good decision.

You may be surprised that the owners of a social escort website will hold this view. But we do. When clients use our services, it a business transaction. The guy pays the escort to spend time with him. At the end of the day, there is no (or very little) emotions on the part of the escort. If the guy tires of the escort and wants to move on, he just does. No mess no fuss.

Having no strings attached sex as Ashley Madison offers is different. As the parties involved are not professionals, feelings will inevitability come into play. The danger arises when the girl (and in some instances the guy) falls in love with the other party and wants more than casual sex. When this happens and the feelings are not mutual, the affected party may take drastic steps to make the other party available.

In the end, the team at SG Good Time Girls believes that social escorts offer the neatest arrangement for guys looking for a good time. Everything is business and feelings do not come into the picture. So if you want to have an affair, have one with a professional.

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