Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sex in Singapore: Why the Famous Orchard Towers is not the best choice ...

To many tourists who have the urge to be naughty in Singapore, heading over to the famous Orchard Towers is the first thing that comes to mind.  While this might seem the natural option, the more savvy tourist will instead seek out joints off the beaten path to truly enjoy the nightlife available in Singapore.

As Orchard Towers is a "tourist attraction", the "four floors of whores" is frequented mainly by tourists.  Prices you pay to have fun will therefore be tourist prices.  Additionally, given its sleazy reputation, the better escorts tend to avoid the place.

So where then should a tourist seeking pleasure go?

Our suggestion is a joint named Pub Casablanca located at 3 Dunlop Street.  This pub is a quaint little joint where many PRC freelance escorts hang-out.  Guys (both Singaporean and some savvy tourists) looking for an hour or two of sexual release can come into the pub, survey the girls over a drink and then hook-up with the one they want.  The best part is that the drinks and services of the escorts are reasonably priced.

So the next time you are in Singapore, give Orchard Towers a miss.  I guarantee you that going to local joints will be more enjoyable.

Alternatively, if the pub scene is not your cup of tea, you can always check out some of the online escort sites like or  These social escort sites are used by locals and the rates are definitely more friendly.

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