Friday, 20 December 2013

How Social Escort Agencies in Singapore Operate

Social Escort agencies in Singapore operate along a fine line. There is a demand for agency services as Singaporean ladies working as escorts need a "middle-man." This is because many are doing it on a freelance basis and need someone to advertise their services, screen clients and ensure their safety. On the other hand, it is against the law for a third party to promote sexual services and to "live off the earning of a prostitute."

To stay within the law, Singapore escort agencies "only collect payment for the time and companionship" of the escorts they provide. Anything that happens beyond that, happens without the consent or fore-knowledge of the agency and is the individual choice and preference between two consenting adults of legal age. Such choices and preferences are not contracted for, nor can they be requested to be contracted for, in any manner.

So if you are in Singapore and are looking for the company of an escort, please be aware of the legal issues and constrains escort agencies in Singapore operate under.


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