Friday, 29 November 2013

Social Escort Scene in Singapore: Licensed vs Freelance

In Singapore, the sex industry comprises several types of sex workers.  They are the official workers that are licensed by the government and a significant number of unlicensed workers who are either independents or who are working under agents.

The licensed prostitutes are housed in brothels located in Geylang (mainly) and are subject to stringent health screening.  Additionally, as they work in licensed brothels, there is an element of dealing with a company and getting what you pay for.  The downside being that the price is usually higher and the selection of girls limited.

This is why there is a huge market of unlicensed or freelance sex workers in Singapore.  Calling themselves freelance social escorts, these prostitutes work with either with agents or, if they are truly independent, advertise their services on websites like this (  Prices for freelancers do vary from as low as SGD80 to as high as SGD1,000 an hour but the selection is huge.  At any one time, industry players estimate that there are no less than 5,000 freelance escorts working the Singapore scene.

The question you might be asking now, is which is better.  The honest answer is it depends on what you are after.

Aside from price and selection, the main attraction to locals who use the services of freelance escorts is the illusion it offers of being in a "relationship".  Unlike their licensed counter-parts who cannot leave their brothels, freelancers come and go as they please.  So for Johns who want, or need, the emotional connection to complement the physical act of sex, freelancers offer the perfect solution.  Acting like social escorts, freelancers have been known to go on "dates" with their Johns where they have dinner, go shopping or even visit the local casinos together.  In the end, to many Johns, having satisfying sex is not just a physical act but also an emotional connection.  This is the girlfriend experience (GFE) many guys talk about.

But if you really want my opinion, in Singapore, freelance social escorts is my preference.

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